The Teen Challenge Project

Adult & Teen Challenge Magnolia is a faith-based, residential, recovery program for men (18 yrs and older) with life controlling addictions. Kara first heard of The Teen Challenge Program through a good friend who does a lot of Ministry work for the institution. When Kara learned more about this institution, she felt a strong calling to help and so did our designers. So, we gathered up the information we needed and did what we do best…design!

Most non-profit rehabilitation centers aren’t typically “pretty”; dingy white walls, old floors and hand-me down furniture because let’s face it, it’s about surviving not the decorating.

We wanted to create a space that would be easy to maintain but effective in a group setting that these men could enjoy. Not everyone wants to help themselves and not everyone wants to be there, but creating an environment surrounded by color might help their mood.

In Kara’s own words she states, “I’ve been doing this for 40 years and one thing I have learned for sure is that COLOR SPIKES SEROTONIN!” Serotonin stabilizes our mood and the feeling of hope and happiness that affects our entire body…this is vital for these young men to have during this program. So we put a little color back into their lives. “I might not be able to keep them sober, but I can create a safe beautiful and comfortable place for them to gather together and work on their common goal of a healthy happy life.” – Kara Wuellner