Bellaire Contemporary

This client needed a contemporary space that felt different. Each room needed a point of interest created both by shape and color. The geometrics of the coffee table and the bronze armed chairs blend so beautifully with the 1930’s style vertical painting. Why did we choose to incorporate geometric figures in this design? Not one shape, but several were required. Squares, circles, triangles, and rhombohedrons to support the overall design. We decided to keep the architectural structure of the windows and paint the outlining black to create a strong masculine feeling that aligned with the cabientry.

The only curved shapes are the chandeliers and the sconces. Geometric lighting was chosen to balance the ambient lighting. Lighting plays an important role in this bar area because our clients like to entertain during the day and at night.


Dining Room

This bright white formal dining area needed pops of earth-tone colors. This dining room was lit like a day room. The white light offered the greatest opportunity to introduce sapphire blues which is rare in Bellaire. These 3 hard to find Japanese jars are extra special because of their rarety and added a height. The soft velvet surface of the sapphire dining chairs added a new dimension underneath the glass table. Slate plates added a fine earthy balance to the glass table.


Home Office

This client wanted an overall relaxed and functional space. She wanted her eye only on her work and not the stuff surrounding her. Again, daylighting rules. Materials from the earth also ruled. Marble, leather, and wood were the few clean elements that she really wanted. The brushed stainless steel and marble top desk feels more like an architectural structure than just a piece of furniture. It gives weight and a solid mass that the room needs.

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