West U Remodel

Welcome to a 20-year-old Home Transformation

Before photos are show at the bottom.

How to make a 20-year-old West University home the house everyone talks about? Open the space, update the kitchen, and daylight! By mixing warm elements such as woods and golds with soothing colors and hues of blue, we were able to create a space which feels sophisticated yet inviting.

Light Filled Entryway

Introducing daylight demanded an architectural element to change. So, we installed a custom iron and glass archway and door. This allowed daylight to flood the entrance and reflect beautiful soft light off of the newly stained wood floors. The entrance to your home is your chance to make a big first impression.




The new 2020 home office was inviting, functional and bright. Dark stained wood walls were painted taupe to give the room spaciousness and turned this dark room into a bright delightful workspace.The taupe walls and new transitional furnishings brought it to life. Not to mention, a new tailored chandelier.



This room was designed so that the emotional experience of wine selection and opening of each bottle could be accomplished in one cohesive and personal space. Now that their children are gone, there were opportunities to reuse unused areas in the home. A private room at a country club was the inspiration behind this new room; a new area specifically for guests, wine tasting and good music. The room was designed around the custom wine built ins because the selection and opening of each bottle could be shared. This made the room a truly emotional experience.


Coco Chanel Powder Room

When finished, this powder room felt like a New York hotel suite. We lost the white toilet, painted the cabinets, installed a metallic gold bowl, added polished black granite, and mirror to the ceiling with shaded silver and gold sconces. The walls were custom faux painted with glass beads. Every surface in this room was changed.



To create a strong focal point, the fireplace was updated into clean transitional stone and the bookshelves on each side were ripped out. The focal point was strengthened by the symmetrical furnishing mirrors and blue backdrops on each side. Natural light was lacking in this space therefore we added floor to ceiling windows. The gypsum stone coffee table allowed for storage and gave this room more volume. A grey leather accent chair was incorporating in this look because it gives a masculine touch and is great for an everyday use.



Open Kitchen

The previously enclosed kitchen was opened to give reflect a sensibility of transitional elegance that meets functionality. Pops of blue were added to coordinate with the color scheme of the living room. The gold lighting incorporates mixed metals so that the kitchen stays more current for a longer period of time. Basically, never going out of style! Accent chairs replaced a traditional kitchen table. The clients wanted a comfortable sitting area to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning . Storage was practically non existent before we incorporated it into this space. Space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Storage is a crucial element to a happy, healthy and organized life. Before, our client was storing her kitchen ware in places other than the kitchen. We added built-ins with beautiful porcelain countertops into a walk in pantry room.

Overall, West University Transitional was transformed into a classically current and functional home.