Learn to embrace your home’s architecture.

Two story staircases make for a special design opportunity.
How do you feel when you enter your home? How do you want your guest to feel when they enter your home? Let’s talk about some techniques that would maximize your entry.
Your home’s architectural depth and height are enhanced with proper interior design. When you enter a home your eye should immediately go up and never fall flat! Whether you’re in a $90K home or $1 million, does it just feel flat as pancakes or deep and mysterious?
In this photo, we created visual interest in the architecture . The height is already there but you don’t see it. The dark grey wall gives the visual interest necessary for the eye to go all the way up!

Photographed by: Eric Wuellner

What can you do with a small flat wall?

Without texture, a space or entryway would be a non visual pass through. Small pass through areas can be dealt with effectively. The feeling of a stone wall feels as natural as chicken soup. It’s as if you’re walking through the forests or trail. People go on vacation to get that feeling of freedom and being one with the earth.

The visual interest is created by stone texture, a uniqueness very rarely seen in homes. A stone wall adds a beautiful historical architectural element. Stone walls indoors and outdoors are become popular, but knowing how to use them architectural is the trick.

Now that we have a stone background; we’ve added original art, a beautiful gold and glass lamp with an oversized fabric shade, deco styled silver leafed cabinet, silk fabric with nail heads and honed marble floors. Wow! This is not just a pass through, -“it’s a stop and marble”.-

You want to make your walls feeling like they’re floating on top of one beautiful floor!

Honed flooring feels more earthy and natural. Polished floors feel more dressy and formal, that’s a taste consideration. You want New York penthouse…go polished! You want LA…go more natural with the honed finish and keep it the same throughout. You want your walls to feel as if they’re floating and can be moved around. This basic architectural technique can be accomplished at 5 dollars a sqft. or 20 dollars a sqft; with stone, tile, or wood!