Penthouse Party

There are 4 elements of design that this space needed in order to accomplish the perfect penthouse. Space, comfort, entertainment and luxury-these are the perks one gets with The Design Firm. Space planning is a must in your home. Have you ever heard of positive and negative space? Negative space is a good thing and every room needs it in order to function, to offer visual balance and to zone spaces…. Positive space = the space that’s taken up with actual “stuff”; furniture, lighting, artwork, accessories, etc. With a space this big and open.


Welcome to our Penthouse Party 

Elegant black and white color scheme flows through the living room of this classy penthouse apartment located in the heart of Houston. Spacious rooms and the overall open floor plan, in combination with the double story ceilings, highlights the architectural characteristics of each space. We didn’t want to take away from the views of the skyline, so our designers incorporated unique sculptural art in place of wall art in this modern, metallic inspired living room.



The sculptural dining chairs and dramatic chandelier in these penthouses are sure to catch anyone’s eye, especially with the Houston skyline behind it. The client selected these silver dining chairs because of the similarity to skyscrapers. There’s nothing like matching interior decor to external objects outside of your floor-to-ceiling windows! Cool metallic tones such as silver, nickel and steel bring a slick, modern aesthetic whilst warmer tones gold, rose gold, bronze and brass are inviting, flattering and subtly glamorous. A mixture of the two metals offers a unique look – modern with a touch of glamour and minimalism with an inviting appeal.


A game room is a must have for your penthouse party. The dark tones and wall art really make this room comfortable, fun, and inviting for you and your guests. The black abstract rug was originally a carpet, then made into a rug. A rug, with a bold pattern, adds fun detail in almost any room or hallway and is not as big of a commitment compared to traditional carpet. The black and gold wall faux finishes are hand painted, making this hallway one-of-a-kind.


You can’t have a party without any space! This daring deep red kitchen, with modern bar stools, dining table, chairs, and finishes, really makes this the perfect kitchen for a penthouse party. The living room has decorative pillows that introduce color to a neutral living room design, with a touch of red to match the kitchen scheme. The living room is an open concept space, and was designed to have plenty of seating – made to entertain guests!


This penthouse was designed with a focus on the simple, clean, and airy vibes. Although, white is definitely  a trend, we made sure to add decorative pops of color throughout the penthouse. Pops of color create a focal point and grab your attention, without being overwhelming in the space. We built around simple, clean lines because strong horizontal and vertical lines in modernist architecture should be echoed in furniture and décor designs.

Penthouses are the perfect spaces for elegant designs, which means a more sophisticated home to entertain in! However, the structure of these luxury apartments requires well thought out design – only because of the size, large windows, and layout. Dream penthouses without proper equipment, lighting and decoration can quickly feel cold and a little uncomfortable. But with a few tips and tricks from The Design Firm, the living space can be used in an optimal way to create a warm but sleek atmosphere.