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Sunny skies call for pool parties and outdoor barbecues. This is why you need a backyard retreat. Upgrade your home and have your guests never wanting to leave your patio paradise. The Design Firm can transform your outdoor space into a comfortable, stylish, and inviting area. As much as you love lounging on the couch or in your bed, a backyard is the true sanctuary. With the right design touch, you can have yourself an amazing outdoor retreat.



Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to pick out colored furniture.



Flowers aren’t the only way to bring colors to the patio. Add some contemporary landscape art and bring life to a space.




Take your wine night to the next level with this inviting outdoor space. Lounge around the fire and enjoy your beautiful backyard ambiance.




Here are a few reasons to call The Design Firm and get your patio-party ready!

  1. Engagement Party

  2. Yoga & Meditation

  3. Barbecue Party 

  4. Pool Party