Market Matters

Dallas Market Center is a global business-to-business trade center and the leading wholesale marketplace in North America connecting retailers and interior designers. Every year we send out TDF’s Senior Designers to Dallas so that they can explore the latest in home décor, furniture, gifts, lighting and fashion. If you are in the design industry, attending market is a must and here is why!


Pictured is Artist, Kelly O’neal, with TDF Senior Designers.

Relationships Matter

Who better to explain a new product line than the vendors themselves. Market gives you the opportunity to talk to the creators of the products and find out their inspirations, how to best use the goods and get energized by the passion of the minds who are responsible for creating the lines. This type of connection in the design industry is very important and we make no exception for our designers! We will have access to these unique artwork, furniture and accessory vendors that set us apart from retail furniture store sourcing. One cannot make this connection staring at a computer screen and this is why we are on our A-game!



Attending Matters

Assessing the quality of items is a major factor why going to market matters! Choosing items to use in your design, without truly knowing how they feel and what they look like is a tricky guessing game you do not want to play in your project! You don’t want to be that designer who orders an item with poor quality and then sets back a project. We will actually know the scale, feel, and quality of the items before we incorporate them into your custom design!



Staying on Trend

Be the first to know what is trending in the world of home furnishings. Our clients trust that we are at the top of our game when it comes to the latest and greatest. Imagine a race car driver not assessing his track before he starts a race with competitors, it just doesn’t work out too well.

Style is subjective but we are on trend with all of our clients specific styles whether it is ultra contemporary, traditional, transitional, rustic chic or natural.