The importance of visual interest.

Have you ever walked into a home and felt nothing? But there is something missing. All the elements of an eye-catching design are there with your color scheme, furniture and décor, but why am I feeling this way?

Featured in the beautiful bathroom design is custom Italian marble and 4 stone pillars. We created contrast in 2 different ways . We anchored the circle to encapsulate the bath and place the pillars on top of the marble to look like it is floating.

Can you identify the focal points in this photo? A focal point in design typically refers to the area to which your eye is immediately drawn. In a room, designers define focal points to draw attention to a defining feature or area. Living room balcony- talk about visual instrest, bang! Stone fireplace- dark brown wall- mirrors to reflect the light and notice the capital over the doors. We started with a flat wall and these elements give it depth and dimensions.

Let’s talk about the space first, the ceiling is circular, the stairs are circular and it feels like you’re inside a big sphere. So we supported the lines with the dome and the dark iron staircase. When you enter, you feel the grandness but incapsulated into a welcoming living room all at the same time.

The little jewel box room of the home. The powder room is the bathroom where you can experiment, be bold, go wild, and have fun! A powder room should be a special treat for you and your guest. How can you do this? Chandelier, beautiful mirror with sconces on the wall, canvas framed art, custom painted vanity and a beautiful animal skinned rug. And to top it off, add a fabulous smelling Nest candle.