Why should I hire an interior designer?

That’s a valid question. With home design, there are dozens of interior design elements that are layered into the planning. A few examples of elements are texture, point of interest, room function, colors, and the signature style of the client. During our first walk through in your home, we will begin by addressing these elements and topics in the form of problem solving.

Will I spend too much?

We don’t want you to spend much either. Thats why we always set a project budget before we begin. When you walk into your finished home, we want you to say to yourself, “This was so worth it!”

Will it look like me and match my style?

For The Design Firm, it’s all about your Signature Style. The greatest skill an interior designer can posses is capturing your style. When this happens, we know the projects a success. We know your home will make you happy for years to come.

How long will my interior design project take?

Every project is different, every client is different. The time frame question is always discussed as part of our early planning with every client. We stay in touch with you and give you updates on project milestones. If there are any delays it’s usually due to the delivery or supply of elements, such as furniture and flooring.

Do we work on out of town projects?

Yes, The Design Firm has worked on many out of town homes over the years. Some of them include mountain ski lodges, Texas ranches, lake homes and beach front properties in Galveston, Tx.