Eclectisisim in Interior Design

You have to see this one-of-a-kind penthouse look.

Dining Room
The dining room is right off of the entry and we needed it to set the tone for what you’d see throughout the rest of the space. Working with the client’s existing table, we were able to add in contemporary art and a custom light fixture to elevate the space. The centerpiece is an oversized smoked acrylic hand by non-other than Jonathan Adler.

The office in this penthouse is very different from other spaces because we needed to showcase a large collection of the residents memorabilia collected throughout their life. We used those pieces to create a color story which created a sense of warmth in an all white room.

Powder Bath
The powder bath is the place to take risks and our clients were all for it! Gold and black Kelly Wearstler wallpaper lines the wall and we used edgy accent pieces to truly take this space to the next level! The center piece of this bathroom is a custom commissioned art piece by Julie Mai, a local Houston artist.

Living room
Playing with shapes was essential to telling the story in the main living room of this penthouse. We used bold artwork, Jonathan Adler decor and a sculptural bookcase to evoke a sense of high-style living. We filled the bookcase with various objects collected by the resident on their travels.

4 Trends to follow in 2021

We want to live a better life: more convenient, stylish, more efficient, more beautiful, smarter, and more environmentally friendly. The interior of your house can be one of the reasons you feel better in your life. Feeling comfortable in your house is something different, isn’t it? We all know that home itself depends on interior design. For instance, when you have your dream bedroom, you will feel happy just for that reason, or when your furniture in the living room is stylish, all the family members or guests will feel cozy and comfortable. Although nowadays everyone designs their houses as they like, there are some trends which are must-do if you are going to design your place. So, we will figure out 4 design trends for 2021 together. Let’s get started!

The interior of any room in the house should be a stylistically uniform space. Each piece of furniture must meet the taste of the owner of the home. Furniture plays an important role in the formation of a holistic image of a house or apartment. Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that you need to think long and hard about any furniture choice.


The living room is the main room of the house; it is in the living room that we spend most of our time ourselves and meet guests. When choosing furniture for the living room, you should be guided by two indicators, this is the maximum comfort of the purchased items and aesthetics. A modern living room can be made in different styles and the furniture must certainly correspond to the direction you have chosen. We will figure out 3 things to consider before buying living room furniture. Let’s get started.

When choosing furniture for a living room, it is important to take into account the style of the room so that the overall picture looks harmonious. You can mix the styles, but you don’t have to overdo it.

1. Closer to nature. 

We want to be closer to nature more and more. New apartments are not built without balconies, but housing with access to the garden. It is in great demand, especially in the city. These touchpoints with nature become an integral part of our homes, and patios act as a second living room. Outdoor furniture now not only looks like it has moved into the garden from the living room but is also used at home – all thanks to increased comfort, elegant materials, and high-tech textiles. And plants act as accessories, not only in pots but also on the wallpaper. Green is trending – it can be found in all shades.


2. Comfortable furniture.

Comfort is paramount in every home, especially in the living room, where you are spending most of your time, relaxing with family or alone. Compact, visually appealing soft furnishings such as double couches or armchairs are a trend in the upper product segment. Comfortable hammocks, in which it is pleasant to relax, move from garden to the house. Stools and benches are equipped with soft upholstery to add comfort to the kitchen and living room area. The couches are adjustable and also stand on a platform that raises the pillows to a higher level.


3. Sustainable and rustic design.

An increasing number of people are trying to change their behavior as consumers in order to turn towards a sustainable society. Their decisions, including when choosing furniture, are assessed in terms of climate neutrality. The history of a product – how, from what, where, and by whom it was produced – is becoming more and more important. The design must be of high quality and attractive. Natural materials are used not only for comfort but also for environmental reasons. There is also a growing interest in recyclable materials. Plants, home greenhouses, and raw fabrics become important elements of the interior.

4. Decor objects

Every element and every piece of furniture is a decorative element at the same time. Lamps adapt to any style of furniture and decorate the space themselves. Both mirrors and images are easily used as design elements. Wallpaper with small and wide-format patterns turns the room into a real work of art. Also, candles are used very often nowadays.

This is the main trend which will bring comfort to your house. But always remember, happiness is where you feel at home, so do your design as you want.

Living room furniture should bring not only functional but also visual pleasure. The purpose of this room is to create a unique atmosphere of comfort, coziness. It is important that everything you need is at hand, and nothing irritates the eye. Therefore, when decorating a living room, the most careful attention should be paid to the furniture, the thoughtfulness of all details, so that relaxation in the room is truly enjoyable.

The importance of visual interest.

Have you ever walked into a home and felt nothing? But there is something missing. All the elements of an eye-catching design are there with your color scheme, furniture and décor, but why am I feeling this way?

Featured in the beautiful bathroom design is custom Italian marble and 4 stone pillars. We created contrast in 2 different ways . We anchored the circle to encapsulate the bath and place the pillars on top of the marble to look like it is floating.

Can you identify the focal points in this photo? A focal point in design typically refers to the area to which your eye is immediately drawn. In a room, designers define focal points to draw attention to a defining feature or area. Living room balcony- talk about visual instrest, bang! Stone fireplace- dark brown wall- mirrors to reflect the light and notice the capital over the doors. We started with a flat wall and these elements give it depth and dimensions.

Let’s talk about the space first, the ceiling is circular, the stairs are circular and it feels like you’re inside a big sphere. So we supported the lines with the dome and the dark iron staircase. When you enter, you feel the grandness but incapsulated into a welcoming living room all at the same time.

The little jewel box room of the home. The powder room is the bathroom where you can experiment, be bold, go wild, and have fun! A powder room should be a special treat for you and your guest. How can you do this? Chandelier, beautiful mirror with sconces on the wall, canvas framed art, custom painted vanity and a beautiful animal skinned rug. And to top it off, add a fabulous smelling Nest candle.

The Art of Designing a Kid’s Room.

Every parent wants to decorate the baby’s room so it can be special, bright, and cozy! After all, the baby will spend most of his time there, growing, playing, studying, and creating. It is very important that the children in the room feel fun and free. Everyone knows how quickly the interests of children change, so it is often very difficult for parents to please their hobbies and create a decor that the kids will like for a long time. In addition, it is quite important that the nursery is inclined not only to play, rest, but also to the development and study of the child. It is necessary that children, being in their bedroom, feel comfortable, that they are in their shelter, that this is their place.

The decoration of the bedroom must be balanced so that the children feel good, otherwise, the children may feel irritated. For example, colors affect mood, too many accessories can cause anxiety. Or inappropriate furniture can affect their development. It is important that when designing a children’s room all this is taken into account in order to improve the balance of the place and so that the children feel great in the room. Here we will share with you a few ideas on how you can take both of these factors into account and create the perfect nursery decor.

We know that boy’s and girl’s rooms are completely different from each other. At a young age, they can play with each other, but their interests are usually different. So the room’s decoration also should be different to make them feel comfortable and cozy in their own corner of the home.

As a rule, boys usually love things like cars, animal toys, pirate stuff, comic characters, etc. So you should concentrate on decorating your boy’s room with things like this. As for the girls, they like more fairy tales. Some princess things or kitchen stuff. To make the room more like development by buying or making by yourself the bookshelf where you can put comic books or the books about dinosaurs, which is most common across the boy kids, or fairy tales with bright illustrations for girl kids.With this, they will have communication with books but also they will love this corner of the room. The room can also have toy storage boxes. It will keep the room clean. As a kid’s bedroom furniture, it should be as comfortable as possible for the child and made from natural materials. What about kid’s home decor? They should be maximally calm, otherwise, the kid will feel irritated. For instance, it can be the nightlight in the form of the moon, or in the form of some superhero. It will make the room cozier and will help the kid sleep protracted because most kids are scared to sleep without light. The decor can also be a desk, where the kids will paint, write something special, or even do homework.

Learn to embrace your home’s architecture.

Two story staircases make for a special design opportunity.
How do you feel when you enter your home? How do you want your guest to feel when they enter your home? Let’s talk about some techniques that would maximize your entry.
Your home’s architectural depth and height are enhanced with proper interior design. When you enter a home your eye should immediately go up and never fall flat! Whether you’re in a $90K home or $1 million, does it just feel flat as pancakes or deep and mysterious?
In this photo, we created visual interest in the architecture . The height is already there but you don’t see it. The dark grey wall gives the visual interest necessary for the eye to go all the way up!

Photographed by: Eric Wuellner

What can you do with a small flat wall?

Without texture, a space or entryway would be a non visual pass through. Small pass through areas can be dealt with effectively. The feeling of a stone wall feels as natural as chicken soup. It’s as if you’re walking through the forests or trail. People go on vacation to get that feeling of freedom and being one with the earth.

The visual interest is created by stone texture, a uniqueness very rarely seen in homes. A stone wall adds a beautiful historical architectural element. Stone walls indoors and outdoors are become popular, but knowing how to use them architectural is the trick.

Now that we have a stone background; we’ve added original art, a beautiful gold and glass lamp with an oversized fabric shade, deco styled silver leafed cabinet, silk fabric with nail heads and honed marble floors. Wow! This is not just a pass through, -“it’s a stop and marble”.-

You want to make your walls feeling like they’re floating on top of one beautiful floor!

Honed flooring feels more earthy and natural. Polished floors feel more dressy and formal, that’s a taste consideration. You want New York penthouse…go polished! You want LA…go more natural with the honed finish and keep it the same throughout. You want your walls to feel as if they’re floating and can be moved around. This basic architectural technique can be accomplished at 5 dollars a sqft. or 20 dollars a sqft; with stone, tile, or wood!

The Perfect Gift for dad

Clive Christian

This cologne is the perfect birthday or gift for the man who wants to be set apart. This light fresh scent captivates the senses.


Not your basic slides; from walking around the house to shopping, these are the definition of high fashion comfort, that’s priceless!

Dolce &

Keep cool while being hot. For the dad on the go. So stylish it can be worn from the office to the green and everything in between.


Let’s put dad in something really gorgeous. It can be done in this tie die, guaranteed to stand out, WOW!

Isaia Coral-Print Swims

It’s the color of success it’s the color of luxury, it’s the color hardest to find. Dad will love these!


The Teen challenge project

Adult & Teen Challenge Magnolia is a faith-based, residential, recovery program for men (18 yrs and older) with life controlling addictions. Kara first heard of The Teen Challenge Program through a good friend who does a lot of Ministry work for the institution. When Kara learned more about this institution, she felt a strong calling to help and so did our designers. So, we gathered up the information we needed and did what we do best…design!

Most non-profit rehabilitation centers aren’t typically “pretty”; dingy white walls, old floors and hand-me down furniture because let’s face it, it’s about surviving not the decorating.

We wanted to create a space that would be easy to maintain but effective in a group setting that these men could enjoy. Not everyone wants to help themselves and not everyone wants to be there, but creating an environment surrounded by color might help their mood.

In Kara’s own words she states, “I’ve been doing this for 40 years and one thing I have learned for sure is that COLOR SPIKES SEROTONIN!” Serotonin stabilizes our mood and the feeling of hope and happiness that affects our entire body…this is vital for these young men to have during this program. So we put a little color back into their lives. “I might not be able to keep them sober, but I can create a safe beautiful and comfortable place for them to gather together and work on their common goal of a healthy happy life.” – Kara Wuellner

Bellaire Contemporary

This client needed a contemporary space that felt different. Each room needed a point of interest created both by shape and color. The geometrics of the coffee table and the bronze armed chairs blend so beautifully with the 1930’s style vertical painting. Why did we choose to incorporate geometric figures in this design? Not one shape, but several were required. Squares, circles, triangles, and rhombohedrons to support the overall design. We decided to keep the architectural structure of the windows and paint the outlining black to create a strong masculine feeling that aligned with the cabientry.

The only curved shapes are the chandeliers and the sconces. Geometric lighting was chosen to balance the ambient lighting. Lighting plays an important role in this bar area because our clients like to entertain during the day and at night.


Dining Room

This bright white formal dining area needed pops of earth-tone colors. This dining room was lit like a day room. The white light offered the greatest opportunity to introduce sapphire blues which is rare in Bellaire. These 3 hard to find Japanese jars are extra special because of their rarety and added a height. The soft velvet surface of the sapphire dining chairs added a new dimension underneath the glass table. Slate plates added a fine earthy balance to the glass table.


Home Office

This client wanted an overall relaxed and functional space. She wanted her eye only on her work and not the stuff surrounding her. Again, daylighting rules. Materials from the earth also ruled. Marble, leather, and wood were the few clean elements that she really wanted. The brushed stainless steel and marble top desk feels more like an architectural structure than just a piece of furniture. It gives weight and a solid mass that the room needs.

Avoid DIY Mistakes.

DIY Home Projects: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



If you’ve ever done any DIY project then you know there’s nothing like the feeling you get after completing a task that you worked hard to finish. And not only are DIY activities fun, but they also provide added benefits for your mind, body, and even your wallet. But, like many other things in life, DIY projects can go wrong as well. In that regard, we’ve asked experts to share the most common DIY home project mistakes they’ve seen and what to do to avoid them.




We find the best way to avoid costly mistakes in DIY projects is putting an adequate amount of time into the most important part of the update-the planning. 80% of your project happens in the planning phase. Identify and source your products before construction begins. This way you can get the products you want without facing changes due to lead times or supply chain disruptions. DIY and design are detail-oriented. Measure your space and remeasure and do it again. Accurate measurements save time and loads of money when you are ready to install!

→ Kristen Elizabeth Design


Not consulting with a professional before you begin

With having over 16 years of experience in remodeling and new construction I have seen a good number of DIY mistakes. I am often called in far too late to help remedy the problem. The most common mistake I have seen is not consulting with a professional before beginning work. Even though it may look easy enough, there are often small items that are overlooked. They can cause problems down the road. So, always consult with an expert before undertaking a DIY remodel. I also see people far too excited to begin their project without completely understanding all the costs of materials. It is important to know all the materials that the project will require and have them on hand to avoid unnecessary delays. Lastly, and this is a big one, I never recommend that a DIY-er ever attempt plumbing or electrical work on their own. This is a safety hazard. There is a reason that professionals are licensed in these industries. It could be an issue when it comes to reselling and that’s not positive for return on investment.

→ Urbane Design Studios


Doing it just because it’s trendy

The most common mistake I see homeowners make when remodeling their home is getting in their head too much, thinking “is this trending?” or “will this appeal to the masses when we sell the home down the road”? I find that these thoughts can leave people tunnel visioned or make for un-inspiring spaces. My advice is to think about what the home needs architecturally. What your lifestyle needs are functionally and how you can really reflect “you” into the home aesthetically. That’s the recipe for success.

→ ICONIC Design + Build


Overlooking potential changes to the functionality

We find that homeowners who want to refresh the look of their home commonly overlook potential changes to the functionality of their home. In our design firm, we help clients utilize their spaces in new ways, while also updating style and feel. This can include enlarging their kitchen into a rarely-used formal dining space. And even turning a formal living room into a part pocket office, part walk-in pantry. By using 3-D modeling software, we give the client new eyes, to see how reallocating space can breathe new life into their home and how they live in it.

→ Everything Home Designs


Underestimating the value of good hardware

Never underestimate the value of good hardware inside and out. I have seen the missed opportunity to upgrade hinges and drawer rails more than once. That’s like taking a tin and dipping it into gold. It all looks gorgeous from the outside, but that luxurious feel is gone the second you open a cabinet. Don’t do it! Hinges pull, toe kicks and the details are what makes a kitchen from ok to over-the-top incredible!

→ Nikki Levy Interiors


Leaving the walk-in pantry door as a separate architectural feature

A common mistake we see often in DIY home remodels is pantry design in the kitchen. Most people leave the walk-in pantry door as a separate architectural feature in their kitchen design. That is making it stand out and not flow with the rest of the kitchen. Our advice is to build it in with your cabinets for a seamless, sleek, well-planned look. This gives your kitchen clean lines and an overall, cohesive design.

→ Interiors by Popov


Not thinking about details

1) Tile Backsplash – A common misconception when a kitchen counter ends up against a wall, is that you need to continue running the backsplash tile around and wrap that 2′ of wall space with tile. This is visual very heavy and it leaves the unfinished edge of the tile exposed. All you need to do is leave the tile in the backsplash area and sheetrock and paint the wall coming down to meet the countertop on the adjacent wall.

2) Glass Cabinets – Homeowners are romanticized by seeing all the pretty glass cabinets on Instagram. But remember, you have to fill all the space behind the glass with pretty things. Avoid common things like colorful plastic cups and boxes of macaroni and cheese. It’s best to keep glass cabinets limited to one or two unless you already have a large collection of beautiful dishes.

3) Blocking for Grab Bars – Many people think that grab bars are only for hospitals and nursing homes. But we have a fast-growing over 50 population and accidents do happen. Homeowners don’t usually plan ahead during bathroom remodels. You should always ask your contractor to put the blocking in for potential grab bars. that may be needed down the road. It’s easier to do it now when the walls are already open, rather than tear it all down later.
→ Terravista Interior Design Group


Not mixing it up or end up over-designing

Simple yet so important…Resisting the urge to over-design and match EVERYTHING. There is nothing more difficult than designing around a room where every print, finish, and texture is the same. Mix it up!

→  AHG Interiors


Not thinking about the end result

It’s all about an atmosphere plan and how the house is going to feel when finished. A professional interior designer will have the sourcing and knowledge to do a really great job.

→  The Design Firm

Valentines Day



1. Plan Ahead

Anything you do, either just for your wife or involving the whole family, needs careful thought and preparation. Plan Valentine’s Day together, or surprise your person. Either way, it really is the thought that counts!

2. Make Valentine’s Day a family event if you have children

Here’s an alternative. Write cards to your children, encourage them to make gifts for their mother, and then schedule a family event where cards are read and family love stories are shared.

3. Write them a letter from your heart

Place the letter inside a romantic (but NOT sappy) card that demonstrates your consummate good taste. Here are 8 tips for writing your wife a love note to get you started.

4. Cook dinner at home

Cooking is not that difficult if you’re willing to *gasp* follow directions. Here’s the order of the evening:

  • Make sure the children are at Grandma’s (unless you’ve opted for the family Love Feast).

  • Plan your menu carefully.

  • Make a flashy-looking menu.

  • Flowers on the table (nothing expensive).

  • Plan for the entire evening.

  • No TV, unless it’s a movie you have thoughtfully planned.

  • Under no circumstances does she do the dishes.

  • Dessert and coffee, later.